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I am a Dietician living and practicing in Paris. I lived and worked in London for 12 years. I am the mother of two little girls, 3 and 6 years old.


Very active from a very young age, by doing ice skating and judo for more than 12 years, I quickly found an interest in nutrition and healthy eating, that's why I became a Nutritionist 15 years ago.

This passion for sport also led me to specialize and acquire a Diploma in Sports Nutrition, at the Faculty of Medicine, Pitié Salpêtrière, Paris. I have got my Personal Trainer diploma in London 8 years ago.


With my professionalism, my enthusiasm and my motivation, I pursue my passion by helping people to control their weight, improve their health or even adapt the diet according to their sporting activity.


My aim today is to combine my knowledge in the fields of nutrition and sport to help my clients achieve their goals effectively. I personally work with each one to assure them a nutrition plan adapted to their needs and their lifestyle by accompanying them in their journey.



Je serais à vos côtés tout le long de votre parcours pour vous inspirer et vous encourager: vous offrir un support positif, une évaluation et une analyse des résultats afin que vous puissiez comprendre pourquoi les mécanismes de la perte de poids, vous aider à tenir le programme et atteindre avec succès le poids tant rêvé.



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