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Livestream Group

Interactive livestream webinars combining real-time coaching from expert nutritionist with added community support. For woman you is looking to lose weight and build up a healthy and well balanced diet for good. 

Available worldwide 


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  • 100 % online webinar

  • Interactif 1-hour livestream group webinar each week hosted by a nutritionist

  • 12 weeks duration  

  • In-depth programme tailored to your energy   needs and weight goal

  • Weekly weight analysis, but don't worry you don't have to share your weight with the group

  • Reassessment of your needs as your body changes after 6 weeks 

  • Online chat forum to motivate and to share tips, recipes and share your success within the group

  • Behavioral coaching to shape positive change

  • Tailoring included vegetarian programme option 

  • A maximum of 10 people in each group

  • Woman only

  • Available worldwide


Group online programmes have been clinically proven to be more effective than individual online programmes. The interactive experience enhances accountability, boosts motivation and provides the tools you need to overcome your individual challenges. The results from the Livestream programme are exceptional.

  • 90% of programme compellers achieve significant weight loss

  • Live an amazing experience with this life changing programme

  • Don't worry you don't have to share your weight with the group

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