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Who can consult ?

Nutrition plays a significant role throughout life: from kids, teenagers, adults, athletes to older people. You really are what you eat. The food you choose effect your health and well-being. 

Nutrition consultation is aimed at every one solicitous with quality of diet and well-being..


I can assist you for :


  • Managing your diet: healthy and well-balanced 

  • Improving vitality and energy level.

  • Weight loss / management

  • Pregnancy & family

  • Menopause

  • Medical condition: diabetes, cholteserol, blood pressure management, digestive isses and reducing cardio-vascular disease.

  • Food allergy or food intolerance


But also Sport Nutrition:

  • Who want to reduce their body fat %, or increase body muscle. 

  • Who need to increase their performance, need special advices for before, during and after competititon.

  • Who are looking for advices in sport supplement.



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