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French Nutritionist living in London for the last 8 years. I have been working as Nutritionist for the last 12 years to promote optimal nutrition, health and well-being.


I practice sport from early childhood, which gave me lots of interet in nutrition and well-being. That is the reason I became Nutritionist 12 years ago. This passion for fitness led me also to get the Award in Fitness and Sport Nutrition, at the Faculty of Medicine, La Pitié Salpétrière, Paris.


With my professionalism, my enthusiasm and my motivation, I help people improve their lives with controling their weight, improving their health and adapting their diet according to their sport.


My aim is to use my combined knowledge in nutrition and fitness field to help client overcome their health and fitness chalenges. I work personnally with each client to make sure they have nutritional and fitness program that fit with their needs and their life with the view to take them where they want to be.



French Nutritionist in London, Amandine Auteserres
  • Freelance Nutritionist in London since 2008

  • Membership of the French Dietetic Association (AFDN) 

  • Membership of he Bristish Dietetic Association (BDA)

  • Nestle Health Sciences: Business Representative Pediatrics Dietitian (London)

  • Aramark Ltd on behalf with NHS (London)

  • Nestlé Nutrition: Private Dietetics and Medical Center specialized in weight loss management (Paris)

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